Patriotic Fruit Pops

By Jen Anderson, Publisher West Chester Macaroni Kid June 23, 2019
These festive pops contain simple ingredients and supplies. Each layer needs to be added slowly, but the patriotic result is worth the wait.

Makes four 3 oz pops.

You will need:
Pureed strawberries (approx 4 oz total)*
Coconut milk (we used canned coconut milk)*
Pureed blueberries (approx 4 oz total)*
Paper cups (we used bathroom sized cups - 3oz; our recipe made 4 pops) 
Wooden craft sticks
Foil or wrap
Optional: muffin pan liners

*Measurements are not critical, as long as you have the different colored layers and freeze them one at a time, they should turn out well!

What you do:
1. Add a small amount of strawberry puree to each cup. Place in freezer for about an hour. 

2. Once frozen, remove from freezer and add coconut milk layer. 

3. Before returning the pops to the freezer, add a wooden craft stick and secure it in place with foil or plastic wrap. We cut a small slit in tin foil, wrapped it over the top of the cup and inserted the stick into the slit. It helps keep the stick upright before it freezes into place.

4. Let that layer freeze for about an hour.

5. Remove fruit pops from freezer and add the blueberry layer. If your stick gets wobbly, simply secure it again with foil when you refreeze with the blueberry layer. If the sticks end up freezing slightly off-center, it's ok, they taste the same!

6. Refreeze for about an hour.

7. Once the fruit pops are completely frozen, you can remove from the freezer.

8. Peel away the paper cup and you should have fun and festive patriotic pops!

Since fruit pops can melt and get messy, try this tip! Take a muffin liner, cut a small slit for the stick and place it on the bottom of your pops to catch drips!

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