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March 1, 2021

Media & Advertising Information for Macaroni Kid Coweta/Fayette

Macaroni KID Peachtree City-Fayetteville-Newnan has been THE trusted local resource for families looking for family fun in our community for over 10 years. That makes Macaroni KID Peachtree City-Fayetteville-Newnan the best outlet for you to spread the message about your business, organization, or event.

We can help you build brand recognition, promote a special event, increase traffic on slow days, launch a new product, service or location, or share your expertise with the Coweta and Fayette County community.

We love using Macaroni KID Peachtree City-Fayetteville-Newnan as a platform to promote Coweta County, Fayette County and its local businesses and organizations!

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PTC Media Kit/Presentation  by michelleschwab


  • Targeted Marketing is the BEST Marketing. We provide extremely targeted advertising to your customers—all subscribers are parents/caregivers with kids.
  • Parents, including those who aren’t subscribed, check the Macaroni Kid website and will see your ad frequently.
  • Ads can be changed easily – Just send us an updated ad and we can get it swapped out within 2 business days.
  • Because we limit the number of advertisers, we provide more attention to your needs.
  • Your banner ad will appear on each web page and will link directly to your website.  
  • Macaroni Kid can track how many page views and clicks that your site receives.

  • “A day after placing the ad, I had a record day for my website and fielded several emails of inquiry!  Just an outstanding day !”  - Patrick 
  • “The ad is great!  We've definitely had lots of calls!”  - Brittany
  • “Our parents are always talking about Macaroni Kid.  We know you are doing great things and getting the word out there!”  - Brian
  • “I work for the airline and the only time I get to spend with my daughter is on the weekends.  Macaroni Kid allows me to spend more time with my daughter and less time searching for things to do!” - Tiffany



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