7 Weeks of DIY Summer Camp for At-Home Fun!

June 3, 2023

Create your own summer camp adventure with seven weeks of specially curated itineraries that include recipes, crafts, at-home activities, field trips (virtual and in-person), free printables, and more!

πŸš€  Cosmic Creativity  πŸŒŒ 
Week 1: Cosmic Creativity
  • Sun Bagels
  • Marshmallow Constellations
  • Printable Postcards
  • Galaxy Calming Jar

🎡  Music to Your Ears  πŸŽΉ

Week 2: Music to Your Ears

  • Microphone Cupcakes
  • Musical Water Glasses
  • DIY Instruments
  • Drum Painting

🎭 Break a Leg  πŸŽ₯

Week 3: Break a Leg

  • Flavorful Popcorn Recipes
  • DIY Performance
  • DIYPop-Up Puppets
  • Shadow Animal Art

🐱‍πŸ‰ Totally T-Rex  πŸ₯š

Week 4: Totally T-Rex

  • Fossil Cookies
  • DIY Fizzy Dino Eggs
  • Paper Plate Dinosaur
  • Handprint Dinos

🌈 Your Life in Color  βœ¨

Week 5: Your Life in Color

  • Rainbow Layered Gelatin
  • Walking Water Science
  • Rope-Wrapped Rainbow Keychain
  • DIY Scratch Art

🦁  A Roaring Good Time  πŸ¦“

Week 6: A Roaring Good Time

  • Lion Pancakes
  • Zebra Cake
  • Stuffed Animal Zoo
  • Shadow Animals

🎲  Game on!  πŸŽ―

Week 7: Game On!

  • Gold Medal Cookies
  • Indoor Javelin Throw
  • Paper Plate Tennis
  • Grocery Bag Pom Poms
  • The Sweet 16 of Books

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