2023 Coweta-Fayette Football Game Schedules

August 17, 2023

Macaroni KID Coweta Newnan is all about finding family fun for you.  And the start of school means that football season is officially here! It's fun for teens and families with young kids too!  Come out and support our local athletes by bringing the entire family to a game to cheer on your favorite teams!

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Here are your 2023 football game schedules for Peachtree City, Fayetteville and Newnan High Schools.  
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East Coweta High School

Let's Go Indians!

Sat, 8/19, 12:00pm ECHS vs Starrs Mill (Coweta-Fayette Kickoff Classic at Newnan High)
Fri, 8/25, 7:30pm  ECHS vs. Newnan (Away)
Fri, 9/1, 7:30pm ECHS vs. Hillgrove (Home)
Fri, 9/8, 8:00pm ECHS vs. Sandy Creek (Home)
Fri, 9/15, 8:00pm ECHS vs Lowndes (Away)
Fri, 9/22, 7:30pm ECHS vs Lambert (Away)
Fri, 10/6, 7:30pm ECHS vs Carrollton (Home)
Fri, 10/13, 7:30pm ECHS vs Campbell (Home)
Fri, 10/27, 7:30pm ECHS vs Westlake (Away)
Fri, 11/3, 7:30pm ECHS vs Pebblebrook (Away)

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Newnan High School

Let's Go Cougars!

Sat, 8/19, 7:30pm  NHS vs Sandy Creek (Coweta-Fayette Kickoff Classic at Newnan High)
Fri, 8/25, 7:30pm NHS vs East Coweta High (Home)
9/8, 7:30pm  NHS vs. Hardaway High (Home)
9/15, 7:30pm  NHS vs Paulding County (Away)
9/22, 7:30pm NHS vs South Paulding High (Home)
9/29, 7:30pm NHS vs East Paulding High (Home)
10/6, 7:30pm  NHS vs Alexander High (Away)
10/20, 7:30pm NHS vs Lanston Hughes High (Home)
10/27, 7:30pm NHS vs Douglas County (Away)
11/3, 7:30pm NHS vs New Manchester High (Away)

Northgate High School

Let's Go Vikings!

Sat, 8/19, 4:00pm NGHS vs Whitewater (Coweta-Fayette Kickoff Classic at Newnan High)
Fri, 8/25, 7:30pm NGHS vs Starr's Mill (Away)
Fri, 9/1, 7:30pm  NGHS vs Villa Rica (Home)
Fri, 9/8, 7:30pm  NGHS vs Griffin (Away)
Fri, 9/15, 7:30pm  NGHS  vs  Carrollton Central (Home)
Fri, 9/22, 7:30pm  NGHS vs Veterans (Away)
Fri, 10/6, 7:30pm  NGHS  vs McIntosh (Away)
Fri, 10/13, 7:30pm  NGHS vs Northside (Home)
Fri, 10/20, 7:30pm NGHS vs Harris County (Away)
Fri, 11/3, 7:30pm NGHS vs Drew (Home)

Fayette High School

Let's Go Tigers!

Fri, 8/18, 7:30pm  FHS vs McIntosh (Away)
Fri, 8/25, 7:30pm FHS vs Mundy's Mill (Home)
Thu, 8/31, 7:00pm FHS vs Spalding (Away)
Fri, 9/15, 7:29pm FHS vs North Clayton (Home)
Fri, 9/22, 7:30pm FHS vs Riverdale (Home)
Fri, 9/29, 7:30pm FHS vs Whitewater (Away)
Fri, 10/6, 7:30pm  FHS vs Starr's Mill (Home)
Thu, 10/19, 7:00pm  FHS vs Troup County (Away)
Fri, 10/27, 7:30pm  FHS vs LaGrange (Home)
Fri, 11/3, 7:30pm  FHS vs Trinity Christian (Away)

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McIntosh High School

Let's Go Chiefs!

Fri, 8/18, 7:30pm  MHS vs Fayette (Home)
Fri, 8/25, 7:30pm  MHS vs Hampton (Away)
Fri, 9/1, 7:30pm MHS vs Woodland (Home)
Fri, 9/8, 7:30pm MHS vs Carrollton Central (Home)
Fri, 9/15, 7:00pm MHS vs Landmark Christian (Away)
Fri, 9/29, 7:30pm MHS vs Heard County (Away)
Fri, 10/6, 7:30pm  MHS vs Northgate (Home)
Fri, 10/13, 7:30pm MHS vs Drew (Away)
Fri, 10/27, 7:30pm  MHS vs Northside (Home)
Fri, 11/3, 7:30pm  MHS vs Harris County (Away)

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Sandy Creek High School

Let's Go Patriots!

Sat, 8/19, 7:30pm  SCHS vs Newnan (Coweta-Fayette Kickoff Classic at Newnan High)
Fri, 8/25, 7:30pm SCHS vs Greenwood, SC (Home)
Fri, 9/1, 7:30pm SCHS vs Alexander (Home)
Fri, 9/8, 8:00pm SCHS vs East Coweta (Away)
Fri, 9/15, 7:30pm SCHS vs Collins Hill (Away)
Fri, 9/22, 7:30pm  SCHS vs Jackson (Home)
Fri, 9/29, 7:30pm SCHS vs Harris County (Away)
Fri, 10/13, 7:30pm SCHS vs Carver (Home)
Fri, 10/20, 7:30pm SCHS vs Cedar Grove (Away)
Fri, 11/3, 7:30pm  SCHS vs Douglass (Home)

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Starrs Mill High School

Let's Go Panthers!

Fri, 8/25, 7:30pm  SMHS vs Northgate (Home)
Fri, 9/1, 7:30pm  SMHS vs Luella (Away)
Fri, 9/15, 7:30pm  SMHS vs LaGrange (Home)
Fri, 9/22, 7:30pm SMHS vs Troup County (Away)
Fri, 9/29, 7:30pm SMHS vs Trinity Christian (Home)
Fri, 10/6, 7:30pm SMHS vs Fayette County (Away)
Fri, 10/20, 7:30pm  SMHS vs Riverdale (Home)
Fri, 10/27, 7:30pm  SMHS vs North Clayton (Away)
Fri, 11/3, 7:30pm  SMHS vs Whitewater (Away)

Whitewater High School

Let's Go Wildcats!

Sat, 8/19, 4:00pm WHS vs Northgate (Coweta-Fayette Kickoff Classic at Newnan High)
Fri, 8/25, 7:30pm WHS vs Union Grove (Home)
Fri, 9/1, 7:30pm WHS vs Griffin (Away)
Fri, 9/15, 7:30pm  WHS  vs Troup County (Home)
Thu, 9/21, 7:00pm  WHS vs LaGrange (Away)
Fri, 9/29, 7:30pm  WHS vs Fayette County (Home)
Fri, 10/6, 7:30pm  WHS vs Trinity Christian (Away)
Fri, 10/20, 7:30pm  WHS vs North Clayton (Home)
Fri, 10/27, 7:30pm  WHS vs Riverdale (Away)
Fri, 11/3, 7:30pm  WHS vs Starr's Mill (Home)

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