Caterpillar House Early Learning Center

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As working parents one of the most important decisions we can make in the lives of our children is the daycare center that we select to love and nurture our precious little ones while we are away. 

These early years in a child’s life are a time when children soak up their environment, develop social skills through interaction with other children, begin the journey of learning all the world has to offer, while acquiring the foundation necessary in establishing themselves as unique individuals within a crowded world. 

Here at CHILDREN’S ACADEMY OF NEWNAN we strive to promote individuality and self-confidence as your child develops the skills essential to social interaction. We also utilize a superior learning system, Creative Curriculum, a nationally recognized educational program tailored to each age group from infant to pre-adolescent. Our exceptional teaching staff and specialized programs are each designed with your child at the center of the development process where we pride ourselves in providing a patient, loving and nurturing experience with each child respected as a unique individual. 

CHILDREN’S ACADEMY OF NEWNAN has served Newnan, Coweta County for two years now as a thriving childcare center. We cherish every moment we have had to touch the lives of the children in our care. During these two years we have focused on what the norm of formalized childcare is and researched ways to improve and exceed the traditional approach to early childhood education. 


In today’s world of social media when our children eagerly assimilate into the commonplace world of the internet, computer games and texting as a primary method of social interaction it is essential that parents and teachers recognize that face-to-face social skills be developed and retained so that our children will become prepared to face life’s challenges. We want our children to not only learn these fast-paced electronic skills as they enjoy their day at CAN, we want them to thrive socially, develop self-confidence and courage while also learning to have sensitivity and empathy for others. These skills are not always inherited. Rather they are learned within the social environment they are a part of. 

Unique to CAN is our INTERGENERATIONAL PROGRAM. Housed within the same building and owned by the same individual is MONARCH HOUSE ASSISTED LIVING, soon to be the home of a small community of active and vibrant seniors that will cherish the opportunity to interact with our children. Whether it’s a special holiday program, reading a book to your child, or simply listening to your child tell them about their day, the seniors at Monarch House and your child will build a truly unique bond. 

There have been many studies documenting the incredible benefits of Intergenerational Programs 

Children who regularly visit with seniors have higher reading scores, better communication skills, better problem-solving abilities and a more positive attitude towards aging. Children also have a stronger ability to handle delayed gratification and a greater sensitivity toward people with disabilities, thus reducing bullying in school. Our intergenerational programs will elevate the standard of early childhood education beyond just academics. 


When deciding on the name for The Monarch House Assisted Living we wanted a name that had a purposeful meaning. The Monarch Butterfly is one of God’s incredible creatures that has reached maturity in itslife span. It has emerged from its cocoon and spread its wings to become a beautiful butterfly. This symbolizes our seniors. They are mature, wise, and full of beauty and grace. They have reached a stage in their lives where they are free to float the breeze and enjoy the sunshine on their wings. Childhood much resembles a caterpillar. During childhood, we are continuously consuming knowledge and exploring our environment with the goal of one day becoming a little more like the wise mature butterfly. With this in mind we at CAN, with much thought and consideration, have decided that just as the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly we too will transform our name to something that touches our heart and aligns with our mission. On November 1, 2017, we will become THE CATERPILLAR HOUSE EARLY LEARNING CENTER. We also want to introduce its Executive Director, Lee Oxford. Lee comes to us with an impressive educational background, strong managerial skills, a former youth minister, State of Georgia childcare certifications and most importantly a huge and loving heart. We are very fortunate that Lee has accepted this critically important position and have already seen the positive influence he has made on our center. 

Finally, we want to thank our beautiful community of parents for all the trust and support they have given us over the past two years. We promise to continue to work hard as we strive to soar to new heights with your precious little ones on our wings. 

For more information check us out at CHILDREN’S ACADEMY OF NEWNAN or call us at (678) 658-9488.