🌟 SUMMER BOOST! Improve Your Child’s Academic Skills

Using Orton-Gillingham-Based Tutoring

April 24, 2024

Get the most out of this summer! Maximize what your child can learn and minimize your stress while doing it. Trying to figure out which skills your child should review and practice over the summer break on your own can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Our Orton-Gillingham-based summer tutoring is designed for students who need enrichment or intervention and those with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, AD/HD, or Autism.

Let’s work together! With our expert guidance and instruction, you won’t have to:

➢guess which skills your child needs to review and practice;

➢spend countless hours researching and planning what to review and how to teach it;

➢figure everything out without expert guidance and support when your child needs it, increasing the risk of losing momentum.

Instead, use our depth of knowledge and decades of experience in providing structured and specialized instruction that gets results, and let’s make this summer easier for you and your child.

Our Summer Boost Programs have strengthened and improved many students' reading, spelling, vocabulary, math, and language comprehension skills.

Our programs will work for your child, too!

Your child will enter the new academic year confident and ready to succeed.

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📚 Unlock Reading Skills with Orton-Gillingham/Structured Literacy™

Unlock your child’s reading fluency! Our summer reading program builds literacy skills, fosters a lifelong passion for reading and writing, and prepares your child for future academic success. From phonemic awareness to phonics and vocabulary, your child will get the tools they need to become a fluent reader.

🔤 Spell with Confidence with Orton-Gillingham/Structured Literacy™

Goodbye, spelling struggles! Our summer spelling program equips your child with the tools to spell words and write confidently. Every spelling challenge, from phonics fundamentals to spelling rules and strategies, is covered.

Master Math Skills with Multisensory Math Instruction

Erase math frustration! Our multisensory math instruction combines hands-on experiences, critical thinking, vocabulary, lots of practice, and fun. This is your child’s gateway to math fluency and mastery and higher grades in math without the stress.

👩‍🏫 Personalized Attention and Multisensory Instruction

Our experienced educators design and provide personalized, one-on-one instruction to address each student’s learning needs. We explicitly teach concepts using engaging manipulative objects to build your child’s understanding. Your child will see, hear, touch, and talk about what they’re learning.

Our multisensory instruction is essential for students with reading, spelling, and math struggles, dyslexia, dyscalculia, AD/HD, or Autism.

Our SUMMER BOOST!  Summer programs can help your child get results similar to Terrence's, who got academic tools and became successful in school after attending our summer program.

“...The intervention plan you outlined for Terrence guided me and gave Terrence goals that improved his reading skills and confidence. He began participating in his classroom more each day. Reading became easy and fun for Terrence with help from Spark Thinking! Also, his gains during his first intensive summer with you made it all worthwhile, especially when he started school later that fall. Homework became a “breeze,” and even his teachers noticed his use of visualizing skills and improved reading at the phoneme and word level.”  Mrs. M. Bell in Fayetteville, Mother of Reading, Math, and Comprehension Tutoring Student

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to discover the power of our personalized summer boost tutoring

Give your child the tools to thrive academically and build a strong foundation for future success.

Enroll now and set your child on the path to achievement!

PROGRAMS: Reading - Spelling - Vocabulary - Writing - Comprehension - Math

For: Enrichment - Intervention - Dyslexia - Dyscalculia - AD/HD - Autism

Duration: June - July, 2024

Grades: PreK - High School

In-person and online sessions.

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