The Frayed Edges Festival Reduces Stress

June 17, 2021

The Frayed Edges Festival will be held in Greenville Street Park on July 10, 2021 from 10am until 3pm. The tag line for the festival is “because we are all a little frayed and could use some mending” to represent the intention of the festival as an experiential mental and physical wellness event to reduce stress. There is also a fundraising component to it that will create a scholarship for counseling to help those in our community who are unable to afford it. 

There will be food trucks, vendors, live music and some free scheduled activities including a Yoga Class led by Blue Lotus at 10am and a Therapeutic Drum Circle facilitated by Cancer Treatment Centers of America. There will be other free activities for both adults and kids to promote mental and physical wellness. 

There will also be a paid armband area that will be part of the fundraising efforts. This area will have an opportunity to Crush a Car to release stress, Accupressure Experience Area, Dream Interpretation, Art Therapy Activities, Music Therapy Activities, an Obstacle Course, and a Mental Wellness Assessment. Armbands can be purchased for only $12 in advance on eventbrite, or at the festival for $15.

Our community has faced such difficulty in dealing with the pandemic, social issues, and tornado over the last year, much less our individual struggles. So many need counseling as a result. We hope that this event will give everyone an opportunity to have fun, reduce stress, increase awareness of our mental and physical health, and help some people afford the counseling that they need to take their healing a step further. 

Connect with the Frayed Edges Festival on the website or Facebook Page for more information.

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