Glitter Heart Valentine Wreath

Super easy Valentine decoration

By Cassie Wasem February 13, 2021
Valentine is one holiday that I have not made a bunch of decorations for and my girls notice it. So this year I decided to get on the ball of things to get a couple things done.

  • Styrofoam Heart
  • 1/8 dowel rod (18”)
  • Glitter (I used gold and pink)
  • Piece of a faux flower
  • Chipboard letters
  • Bakers Twine
  • Mod Podge

  1. Paint the mod podge on the heart and cover with the glitter. Work in sections so you do not get sticky.
  2. Repeat the glitter process for the dowel rod.
  3. Allow glitter pieces to dry over night.
  4. Use a screw driver the size of the dowel rod to poke holes through the heart form where you would like the "arrow" to pass through.
  5. Insert dowel rod into heart form.
  6. Take the faux flower and cut off a piece to create a “feather” effect for the dowel rod. This will be the feather end of the arrow.
  7. Use some plain chipboard to create the arrow tip.
  8. Glue onto the dowel rod then cover with glitter.
  9. Take glitter chipboard letters and make a saying (I did "Be Mine”)
  10. Using Bakers Twine, hot glue the letters onto it.
  11. Attach banner to wreath.

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