Marble Valentine Magnets

By Kindle Rising February 13, 2021

I've seen these cute marble magnets in a few places lately and have wanted to try them out.  I thought they would make a quick, inexpensive Valentine gift for teachers and grandparents.  My 5-year-old helped me with the project, and we both had a lot of fun.  Here's what we did:

  • Valentine themed stickers or paper.  
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush
  • Flat, clear glass marbles.  You can find these in the floral section of craft stores. We  bought two different sizes.
  • Sturdy, flat magnets. Also available at craft stores. We adhered ours with a hot glue gun, although they do have the self-adhesive type, too, which will work.


  • Cut out small pictures from your Valentine themed paper.  In addition to hearts, I found some paper at Michael's that had the word "Love" written in various sizes and fonts. I cut out some of the words whole and others just the individual letters.  
  • We found that sticking stickers on plain or colored piece of paper and then cutting them out worked well. 
  • Place the marble over the picture so that you can see what it will look like. Trace around the marble and trim the picture the right size.
  • Using the foam brush, apply Modge Podge to the flat side of the marble.
  • Place the marble on top of the picture and press down (the Modge Podge will dry completely clear).
  • When the Modge Podge has dried, attach the magnets to the back of the marble using hot glue.

Ta da! Instant, cute Valentine's gifts!  And what fun it will be to find other pictures and designs to use to make magnets for other occasions, too!

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