Cute and Easy Homemade Valentine Card!

Use what you have on hand ...

By Jamie Goodwin, Northland Kansas City, MO Publisher February 14, 2020
A few pieces of candy, some colored paper, markers and glitter are all you need to help your kids craft some super cute Valentine's Day cards for friends and family.

  • Card stock in your choices of colors (at least two different colors are recommended)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Smarties, Dum Dum Suckers, or any long, narrow candy of your choice
  • Small pom poms
  • Buttons
  • Markers and glitter paint (for decorating and writing a Valentine's note)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  1. Cut card stock in half for the base of the card (each 8.5x11 sheet of card stock will make two cards).
  2. Write a message on the bottom of the card stock.
  3. Use markers and glitter paint to decorate a separate sheet of card stock for the wings.
  4. Cut pipe cleaners in half, then twist them around a pencil/pen to curl.
  5. Glue pom poms on top of pipe cleaners (a hot glue gun comes in handy here).
  6. Glue two small pipe cleaners toward the top of your card (for antennas).
  7. Cut two slits half way down the page, to slide candy through.
  8. Cut child's drawing into hearts and glue hearts in the middle of the card stock to resemble wings.
  9. Glue button in the middle of hearts.
  10. Lastly, slide the candy in one hole and back out the other to secure. You shouldn't have to glue anything to the candy, the candy will simply slide into your card!
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