Let’s Go on a Mural Tour in Newnan

July 31, 2020

Let’s go on a mural tour in Newnan!

Do you know that you can tour downtown Newnan by visiting each of the downtown murals, a .75 mile easy walk?   Parking is available anywhere along the route.  See if you can find all of the murals.

We’ve shared the pictures and locations of each mural below, and you can also click on our Google map for directions to each mural.

Spring Street Mural 
Location: Spring St. and Perry St.
O.C. Williams Parking lot
Location: Spring St. and Jackson St.
Scott's Book Store
Location: Jackson St. and Broad St.

Flowers on Washington
Location: W. Washington between Jackson and Brown St.
Wadsworth Alley
Location: In an alley off Madison St. between Jackson St and Jefferson St.
Alan Jackson
Location: Jefferson St between Madison and N. Court Sq.

Print a Google map of the Newnan Mural Tour (click [  ] icon in right corner to "view larger map"):

While on your mural tour, you may notice wall-sized photographic portraits of Newnan-area residents.  These images are part of the Seeing Newnan art installation, created by Pulitzer Prize nominated photo journalist Mary Beth Meehan.  For a brochure tour of Seeing Newnan go to: