36 Free Educational Resources Kids Can Use At Home

By Jennifer Hill & Michelle Schwab, Macaroni KID publishers August 11, 2023

It's inevitable!  Kids are going to need a little extra practice on a subject or are going to get sick and have to take a day or two off school.  Either way, I don't want my kids to spend their days playing random games on their electronic devices and watching YouTube videos.  I want to help them to keep learning. 

So my friend, Jennifer Hill, Macaroni KID publisher for Fremont, Calif., came up with a list of educational resources for kids of all ages that can be used at home. Some of the websites have awesome printable worksheets and educational games!

Check out this list, including several free sites for your family to explore: 




  • Mystery Science Open-and-Go Lessons that Inspire Kids to Love Science
  • Science4Us Free Worksheets, Printables, and Hands-On Science Activities for K-2
  • StemWerkz®  Middle School Interactive Science Content



  • Breakout EDU Digital Learning Games for every subject
  • Good2Learn Online Math and English Lessons
  • CK-12 Online learning of all subjects through articles and videos
  • Common Core Sheets Worksheets for Math and Language Arts
  • Easy Teacher Worksheets Printables for All Subjects and Ages
  • Worksheets and Printables for pre-K thru 8th grade
  • Great Schools Worksheets for Preschool through 5th Grade
  • IXL Personalized Learning with Pre-K-12 Curriculum
  • K5 Learning Reading and Math worksheets for K-5th grade
  • Kidzone Worksheets for K-5th grade
  • Khan Academy Free Online Courses, Lessons, and Practice for all subjects and students of all ages
  • SoftSchools Free Worksheets and Games of all Subjects
  • Starfall Multisensory interactive math and reading games for K-3rd grade
  • Super Teacher Worksheets Worksheets for All Subjects
  • TeAchnology Printable Worksheets for K-12
  • TLS Books Free Language Arts and Science Worksheets for Preschool through 6th Grade
  • Twinkl Interactive Activities in all subjects for PK-8th Grade

I hope that if you find your kids home unexpectedly, or just want to give them a little extra practice, this gives you resources to keep them learning!