Dressing Your Child for Autumn Outdoor Play


October 16, 2015

Fall is here and that means cool breezes in the morning and a chill in the air at night. Autumn is a beautiful season when the leaves are changing colors and fun family holidays are right around the corner. With cooler weather it’s important your child is dressed appropriately to play outside. Finding a balance between clothing that is warm enough but not too warm can sometimes be a challenge. Check out some useful tips below to help your child dress for success in the cooler weather.

  •  Always have a jacket nearby. Even if it’s warm, the weather can change as the evening approaches. Keep a jacket at your child’s daycare, childcare, or preschool and in the car so it’s available when needed.
  • Dress in layers. Start with a comfortable short-sleeved shirt and pants. Then add a long-sleeved shirt and a light jacket. Your child can remove clothing as needed and add clothing when the weather cools off.
  • Wear comfortable closed-toe shoes. While sandals are fun in the summer, they are not safe for playing outside in the fall and winter. Much of your child’s body heat escapes through their feet, so keeping those toes covered means more time spent jumping in leaf piles!
  • Dress in clothes that are easy on and off. Avoid clothing that has too many buttons or zippers. Instead, wear clothes that slip on and off easily.
  •  Keep a hat and gloves nearby if you live in a cold climate. In some areas the temperature can drop drastically in the evening. Help your child continue to enjoy the outdoor play by making proper adjustments when there’s a chill in the air.

One of a child’s most fun and exciting activities is playing outdoors. During the autumn months, playing outside is not just about running around; there are many learning opportunities for children who experience the changing weather and seasons. In a preschool environment, children can learn about the different seasons while they play.

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