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By Kyrie Collins, Highlands Ranch-Parker-Castle Rock Publisher March 27, 2013

I made this cake with my mom every Easter through my entire childhood. When I was 8, we left the cake to cool on the counter while we ran out to complete a few errands. Our Great Dane broke into the house while we were gone and ate the unfrosted cake. The entire thing. Including crumbs. When we got home, it actually took a while to realize the cake was gone because there was literally no trace of it.

That is just one of the happy memories I have with our Easter Bunny cake. Now that I'm making the cake with my own kids, I'm sure to make many more over the years. It is so cute and so easy ... I bet it becomes a tradition in your family too!

What you need:

  • Any flavor cake, prepared according to package directions in two round pans
  • Two cans any flavor frosting ... we used Fluffy White this year but I think we'll use Strawberry (or dye the Fluffy White a pastel pink) so the rabbit teeth show up better next time
  • Candy for decorating (we used Pull n Peel Twizzlers, pastel M&Ms, gumdrops, nonpareil sprinkles, and Trident White gum for the teeth)

What you do:

1. Once you bake the cake, let it cool for ten minutes. Cut one cake as pictured to make the ears and bowtie.

2. And Lay the cake out like this:

3. Realize the lid won't fit on your cake pan, so turn the ears. Make a mental note to try to make a teddy bear cake with this configuration.

4. Frost the cake. Become slightly frustrated that a cut cake sheds crumbs with every swipe of the knife. Remember that kids don't care and most of the cake will be covered with candy anyway. Start the decorating process with your kids.

5. Finish decorating. Giggle a little when you realize that your kids have each made different, very distinct patterns on "their half" of the bowtie. Tell them that both sides will taste amazing! Turn the ears back before you show it off ... then eat and enjoy!

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