A Reason to Give Thanks

Macaroni Thanksgiving

By Vicki Little November 21, 2012

Each night before we go to bed, our family each says one thing that we are thankful for. It could be something really simple, like when my three year old gives thanks for having cookies after dinner or for going to the library that day. Or some days it is something even bigger, like giving thanks for having a roof over our head. No matter what they choose that day, it is always up to them, and it helps them to realize that they have things that some other people may not. 

During November, I like to add a little bit more. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and the feeling of love and thankfulness always overwhelms me during the holidays. So I like to have a visual for just how much we have to be thankful for. Last year we did a tree, this year I simply used vinyl lettering (stickers would work as well) and paper leaves. Either way, the idea is the same. Both ways are also SUPER simple crafts, and ones that will last all the way through Thanksgiving.



  • Construction paper (I used brown for the tree trunk and branches, and yellow and orange for the leaves)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Marker


  1. Cut out a trunk and branches for the tree and glue the branches on the tree.
  2. Hang the tree high so you can add some more trunk and branches if necessary!
  3. Cut out enough leaves for everyone to have a leaf every day until Thanksgiving.
  4. Each day, have everyone take one leaf and write what they are thankful for and then hang on the tree with the glue.
(The picture is our current one with vinyl letters and paper leaves that I cut out of construction paper. You can find the vinyl at hobby stores or just use stickers)