National Geographic Toys by Uncle Milton

Week 4: Anteater

August 29, 2012
Over the past several weeks, my family has had the opportunity to review National Geographic Toys by Uncle Milton.  If you missed those reviews, you can find the review for daytime toys here, the nighttime toys review here, and the puzzles and games review here.

This is the last of our National Geographic Toys by Uncle Milton reviews, and I do believe this is my favorite!  It’s a motorized bug vacuum that looks just like a real anteater.  What a cool toy!  It’s perfect for science exploration!  Forget what the kids think!  I love it!


Kids (or mom) can push a button and a gentle vacuum sucks the bugs without harming them.  The bugs end up in a see-thru anteater belly/observation chamber.  The observation chamber can be pulled out from the rest of the anteater body.  It has a magnifying glass to better view the bugs and a lid to easily release them.  And what I like best is that I don’t have to touch the bugs!  Not to mention that this toy kept my kids busy for hours!  :)


Note that 4-AA batteries (not included) are needed to operate the vacuum.   

These products are available exclusively at Barnes & and select Barnes & Noble stores. 

The products that my family reviewed were provided free through Macaroni Kid and Uncle Milton in exchange for my review.