National Geographic Toys by Uncle Milton

Week 2: Explorer toys for nighttime fun

August 15, 2012
Last week we reviewed the 4-in-1 Explorer Navigation Tool, the All-Terrain Nature Collector and the Earth Tag.  That review can be read by clicking here.

This week, we're reviewing Uncle Milton’s National Geographic explorer toys for nighttime fun:  The High Sierra Eco Explorer set, the Expedition Sky Flare, and the Expedition Shoe Lights.  

High Sierra Eco Explorer (ages 5+):  This toy comes with lots of options!  It features a bug viewer, searchlight, headlamp, magnifier, soil sifter, tweezers, and belt clip…all in one!  We expecially liked the headlamp feature.  My mechanically inclined son loved using his creativity to create multiple configurations.  The High Sierra Eco Explorer has so many different gadgets that allow your kids to explore the world around them.  They can collect specimens with the tweezers and soil sifter, and examine them using the light that attaches to the observation jar.  Then release them back into their environment.   

MK Expedition Sky Flare at Night.jpg 

Expedition Sky Flare (ages 8+): My son couldn’t wait to try out the Expedition Sky Flare.  The Sky Flare lights up, sends a signal at night, and soars up to 50 feet.  There was no assembly required, and after bending the side flaps, we were set to get some cool spinning action.   My son really enjoyed experimenting with shooting the Sky Flare at different angles to see where it would land and if he could hit a target.  One word of caution:  Make sure children know to aim the Sky Flare towards the sky and not other people or animals.

MK Expedition Shoe Lights - White Lights.jpg 

Expedition Shoe Lights (ages 5+):  Uncle Milton’s also has Shoe Lights for nighttime fun.  We didn't receive any Shoe Lights to review, but here is a picture of them.  These shoe lights attach to the top of the shoe and light up your path.  They are a perfect accessory to all the other exploration kits.  Click here to learn more about the Expedition Shoe Lights.

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The products that my family reviewed were provided free through Macaroni Kid and Uncle Milton in exchange for my review.