National Geographic Toys by Uncle Milton

A Macaroni Kid Review: Explorer toys for daytime fun

By Michelle Schwab August 9, 2012

This week was an exciting week when our Uncle Milton National Geographic Explorer Academy toys came in the mail!  And just in time too!  The kids were starting to get “bored” from their summer vacation.   My children adore the outdoors so I bet you can imagine their excitement when they opened the package and saw the outdoor explorer toys!  They couldn’t wait to get outside and test our new toys.  So far we have checked out three explorer products for daytime fun.

Nature Collector:  The nature collector is a super easy way for the kids to collect and observe all of the bugs they find and then release them without actually having to touch them.   This was especially perfect for mom since I love to share nature and educational experiences with the kids, but am not keen on touching bugs and spiders.  The collector comes with a magnifying glass on the side for close up observing the fascinating creatures the kids caught.  The clear plastic domes can be removed, leaving the collector grips for picking up trash, toys, or anything else.


4-in-1 Navigation Tool:  My children had fun checking the temperature with the thermometer, finding out what direction our house faced with the real compass, signaling each other with the signal mirror, and announcing their location with the whistle.

Earth Tag:  Earth Tag comes with the sling shot and 3 balls, and the sling shot has a belt clip on it so it can be toted around wherever your child may want to take it.  The balls are made of foam and my children even had fun with it indoors when it started raining outside.

These toy are great for your budding scientists and explorers.    They also provide an opportunity to get them outside and off the electronic devices!


The products that my family reviewed were provided free through Macaroni Kid and Uncle Milton in exchange for my review.