Easter Egg Texture Craft

By Shayna Mills - NE Dallas Macaroni Kid April 4, 2012

You and your Macaroni Kiddo will have fun decorating these eggs that can be used in frames as Easter decoration or given to the tots in your life for some textured fun.  Either way, this is an easy craft to do with all ages. 


Items needed:

Egg Template

Textured items such as feathers, glitter, pom poms, pipe cleaners, buttons, etc.

Glue of some sort

Felt, Construction Paper, or Card Stock


Paint brush


My Macaroni Kid and I did 4 eggs but you can do as many or few as you'd like.

She chose purple, green, pink, and white card stock for the eggs.  We went with glitter, pipe cleaners, buttons, and pom poms.

She enjoyed putting the buttons in color piles.



First cut your eggs out using the template.

Using your glue have your child glue on buttons, pom poms, feathers, etc on each egg. 

I did have to use some hot glue on the pipe cleaners so she twisted them and I glued them.

Then either tape to some frames and display on a table or let younger ones play with them enjoying the different texture feels of each one.  Or give to grandparents and other special family members from their favorite little Bunny!